Storytime – Underpants

Captain UnderpantsDo you put your underpants on your head?!


Just the mere mention of the word underpants and you’ll have a storytime group in fits of giggles.


Underpants, Thunderpants – Peter Bently
What colour are your knickers? – Sam Lloyd
Whose Knickers? – Maisie Munro
Charlie’s Superhero underpants – Paul Bright
Aliens love underpants – Claire Freedman
Aliens in underpants save the world – Claire Freedman
Dinosaurs love underpants – Claire Freedman
The terrible underpants – Kaz Cooke
The Underpants Zoo – Brian Sendelback
Miss Llewellyn-Jones – Elaine Forrestal
A particular cow – Mem Fox
Animals should definitely not wear clothing – Judi Barrett


Do you put your hat (undies) on your head?
Put on your new shoes (underpants)
Wet washing (undies) drying on the line
Dancing face (Justine Clarke)
This is the way we put on our undies (Here we go round the mulberry bush)
Shake the sillies out


Feel free to use these originals.


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